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Seeds to sow in February

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Not sure what to grow in February? Here's what to sow this month.
February is a great month to start your seed sowing for the gardening year ahead. If you're wondering what to grow this month, take a look at our complete guide below.

Fruit/Vegetables to sow in February 

• Broad beans (Bunyards exhibition, red epicure, dwarf, masterpiece green longpod, aquadulce Claudia, meteor)
• French beans (Top crop)
• Pea (Meteor) 
• Tomatoes (Beefsteak, country taste, sungold, sweet million, classic collection, moneymaker, tiger stripe mix, orkado, Ruby falls, Shirley, classic collection, golden pearl, aspero, cherry baby, chocolate cherry, black Russian, akron)
• Cabbage (Primo) 
• Cauliflower (Igloo, greyhound)
• Artichoke (Green globe)
• Asparagus (Connover's colossal)
• Aubergine (Moneymaker, patio mix) 
• Broccoli (Autumn calabrese)
• Cress (Polycress) 
• Cucumber (Mini munch, vista, telegraph, tasty King) 
• Onion (Red baron, Alisa Craig, Bedfordshire champion) 
• Parsnip (White gem, hollow crowned, gladiator) 
• Chilli pepper (Demon red, basket of fire, diablo, ringo, padron, cayennetta, Tokyo hot, orange habanero, solero) 
• Sweet pepper (Salad festival) 
• Salad leaf (Herb mix)
• Sprouting seeds (Alfalfa, fenugreek, red cabbage, rocket, wheatgrass, mungbean, chickpea,)
• Watercress (Aqua)
• Cape gooseberry (Little lanterns) 
• Brassica collection 
• Strawberries (Florian, delician)
• Microgreens (Victoria rocket, fenugreek, broccoli) 
• Leek (Winter giant 2)
• Carrot (Nantes 2, Amsterdam 2 sweetheart) 
• Brussels sprouts (Brenden) 
• Shallot (Ambition) 
• Squash (Spaghetti stripetti)

Grow your own vegetables

There's nothing better than eating your homegrown vegetables, browse our range of vegetable seeds and grow something great this month.


Herbs to sow in February

• Garlic chives
• Parsley (Robust, Italian plan leaved)
• Basil (Mediterranean medley, Italian)
• Oregano (Greek)
• Sage (Green leaved)
• Thyme

Grow your own herbs

There's nothing better more rewarding than growing your own herbs, browse our range of herb seeds and grow something great this month.


Flowers to sow in February

• Sweet pea (Cathy, pretty in pink, confetti, berry kiss, everlasting mix, galaxy mixed, old fashioned mix, unwins signature blend, cupani)
• Lobelia (Long flowering mix)
• Marigold (French Marionette Mix, African cream cracker, French Naughty Marietta)
• Borage
• Echinacea Leuchstern
• Calendula (Long flowering mix, needles and pins)
• Lupin (Russell mix)
• Morning Glory (Heavenly blue)
• Nicotiana (Little Nicky)
• Alyssum (Carpet of snow)
• Aster (China mix)
• Coleus (Warpaint)
• Candytuft (Dwarf fairy mix)
• Cottage garden border perennials mix
• Busy Lizzie (Bright shades)
• Rudbeckia (Goldstrum, dwarf)
• Delphinium (Pacific giants)
• Dahlia (Unwins dwarf hybrids)
• Cosmos (Millennium, gazebo mix)
• Cottage garden choice mixture
• Geranium (Simply red)
• Antirrhinum (Giant rust resistant)
• Petunia (Celebrity mix)
• Love in a mist (All sorts)
• Livingstone daisy (Tapestry mix)
• Salvia (Wedgewood blend)

Grow your own flowers

Give your neighbours garden envy with our wide collection of flower seeds, from cottage garden favourites to plants for pollinators, browse a range of seeds for every style.

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