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September Jobs

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Our full guide to all of the jobs to do in the garden in September
What to do in the garden in September

September is a glorious month in the garden and a time for harvesting. While the weather can fluctuate in temperature, it's possible to experience chilly mornings or some late summer sun, so it's better to prepare for anything!

On less than lovely days, you could spend some time organising the shed or greenhouse in preparation for overwintering tender plants, so roll your sleeves up and give it a good scrub ready for the months ahead.

As summer bedding and hardy perennials die back this month, remove all dead growth and check for signs of disease. If you find any diseased foliage, we recommend burning it to prevent it from spreading further and add the non-diseased plant material to your compost heap, if you have one!

If you'd like more blooms in spring, it's time to finish planting spring bulbs, but wait to plant tulip bulbs until November

For the full list of jobs to do in the garden this month, take a look below.

Happy gardening!

Ornamental Garden:

  • Continue to deadhead.
  • Begin to clear leaves as necessary.
  • Keep borders clear of weeds.
  • Take cuttings of tender perennials.
  • Continue to deadhead bedding plants.  
  • Plan for next year’s garden displays.
  • Collect seed from perennials / hardy annuals.
  • Start planting spring bulbs.
  • Lift and divide herbaceous perennials.
  • Start planting trees and shrubs towards the end of the month and move evergreen shrubs etc. while the soil is still warm.
  • Prune lavender.
  • Collect and get rid of any infected rose leaves.

Vegetable Garden:
  • Once the tassels on sweet corn have turned brown check whether the cobs are ready to harvest. 
  • Leave marrows, squashes, pumpkins etc. to ripen on the plant. Place fruit on a wooden board to prevent soiling.
  • Plant autumn onion sets.
  • Lift onions and shallots and allow to dry out. 
  • Prune fruit trees.
  • Continue harvesting fruit.
  • Harvest maincrop potatoes.
  • Sow winter greens such as land cress, mustard spinach, corn salad and hardy lettuce cultivars.

Other Garden Jobs

  • Empty and tidy up the greenhouse.
  • Rake, aerate and feed lawns. If the lawn is showing signs of wear sow grass seed. 
  • Make your own compost heap with plant debris.

Seeds to sow in September

Not sure what to grow this month? Here are our top seeds to sow this month.

Top Products for September gardening

Melcourt Composted Fine Bark

Melcourt Composted Fine Bark™ is an organic soil conditioner using sustainable conifer bark sourced in Britain. Melcourt’s unique fine bark mulch is used in domestic & landscape gardens for improving soil structure and quality.


Sand Thatched Planter with Holes

This Sand Thatched planter with its unique modern design would be a stylish addition to your garden, balcony or indoor space, ideal for your small shrubs and plants. Made from recycled heavy-duty polypropylene.


Sylvagrow with Added John Innes

All-purpose loam-based compost for general-purpose composting or use in grow bags. Melcourt Sylvagrow All Purpose Peat Free Growing Medium with added John Innes has no peat or green waste compost. 


Chicken Manure Fertiliser

A 100% natural organic fertiliser with a balanced pH of 6.8. It's environmentally friendly, contains no peat or chemicals and is oven heated at over 250°C to provide a sterilised, weed and pathogen-free natural organic fertiliser.


Strulch Straw
Mulch Material

Strulch mulch is great for organic gardeners. It is a locally made and sourced product, made in the UK. Straw mulch can be used to protect plants from winter frosts when conditions are cold. 


Black Slate Chippings 20mm

A dark grey/ black recycled chipping sourced from Welsh Quarries that produce roof tiles. Works well in contemporary garden projects. Great for decorative projects and adding a bit of contemporary design to the garden.


The NPK ratio explained

September is a good time to give your lawn a feed, to help boost its strength after the summer and to replenish it before the weather turns colder.

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Trees: Getting the best start in life

Trees, the most important life sources on our planet, to ensure they get the best start in life, try Melcourt Topgrow. This 100% Peat Free Tree & Shrub topsoil gives you the confidence to establish new growth, so the future of nature (and your garden!) can flourish.

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How to plant your spring bulbs

Daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinth -  just some of the many spring bulbs you can plant during autumn for a bold bonanza of colour that'll brighten your garden up after a long, dark winter. Keep reading to find out some of our top tips to get your bulbs in bloom, once spring arrives.

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