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Vitax 10kg Compost Maker

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Product information

Compost accelerator with organic nutrients for making compost quickly. Vitax Compost Maker helps make organic compost from garden and household waste. Use compost maker as an additive to grass cuttings, shrub and hedge trimmings and kitchen waste to speed up the breakdown of materials. Results in a friable, fertile and rich organic compost.

How to use Vitax Compost Maker Powder

Vitax Compost Maker powder is really simple to use. Simply sprinkle the compost accelerator between the layers of compost as you build the heap or fill your compost bin up. It is best used when grass cuttings and leaves are fresh and damp.

  • Compost accelerator for making compost
  • Compost maker for compost heaps, compost bins and plastic bags
  • Recycle your lawn cuttings, weeds, vegetables & kitchen scraps, leaves and wood cuttings
  • Results within 6 weeks in summer and 6 months in winter

Technical specifications

Bag size10kg