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Jiffy Peat-Free All Purpose Compost Retail Mix 50lt

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Product information

Formulated by Fargro's Growing Media and Fertiliser Specialist, Sean Whitworth, for use in your garden this season! Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix can be used for a variety of purposes, from growing in pots and planters to planting up hanging baskets.

This premium peat-free mix is made from a specialist blend of wood fibres, coir, ecocom (RHP accredited, professional quality green waste), as well as base and organic fertilisers – this mix also includes a wetting agent, which is important to retaining soil moisture, essential to helping plant root zones to establish and thrive.

  • Fargro have formulated the ingredients to include organic fertilisers and wetting agents, so it is four times less likely to leech essential nutrients and moisture, resulting in an even spread of the rooting system resulting in plants with more vigour.

Technical specifications

Bag size50lt
Wood fibre fine40% m³
Coco pitch25% m³
Ecocom 01520% m³
Bark fractions 015% m³
DCM Ecor 5100g per 50lt bag
DCN Micro Mix Minigran10g per 50lt bag
TBF 17-10-14-450g per 50lt bag
Fiba Zorb Plus16g per 50lt bag
Lime11g per 50lt bag

Growing great seedlings

Watch as Steve of Steve's Seaside Kitchen Garden & Allotment talks about our specialist composts.