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Sinclair Hydroleca 8-12mm 50lt

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Product information

Sinclair Hydroleca pot topper or potting aggregate for your container gardening. Non-toxic. Sterile. Frost resistant with insulating properties, making it ideal for exposed containers on patios, in window boxes and on roof terrace gardens. Hydroleca pot topper holds water in your potting mix of choice. Use as a decorative aggregate on the surface of pot plants or mix into the potting mix to increase water retention.

How to use Hydroleca clay pebbles for plants

Mix Hydroleca clay pebbles into your preferred potting compost or growing medium to as much as a 1:4 ratio. Use for potting plants that like wet roots like monstera, irises or anthuriums.

  • Hydroleca pot topper or potting aggregate
  • 8mm – 12mm particle size
  • Non-toxic & sterile
  • Frost resistant

Technical specifications

Bag size50 litres

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