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Sinclair Nursery Stock Compost Peat Reduced 75lt

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Product information

An easily managed medium grade growing medium with bark and grit which can used for both ericaceous and non-ericaceous species.

How to use potting compost

Use potting compost for indoor house plants and pot plants. A well-drained potting compost with bark is also suitable for orchids. Plant seeds and seedlings into potting compost in containers and trays in the greenhouse or garden.

  • Medium peat-based potting compost
  • Includes peat, bark and grit
  • Use for both ericaceous or non-ericaceous plants
  • Suitable for home gardens and commercial nurseries

Technical specifications

Bag size75lt
Nitrogen (N)120
Phosphorus (P)140
Potassium (K)240
Peat0-10mm (26%), 3-15mm (24.5%), 15-25mm (24.5%)
Bark8-16mm (10%)

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