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Sinclair Propagation Compost Peat Reduced 75lt

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Product information

Sinclair growing medium for plant propagation with peat (70%), bark & perlite (15% each). Peat holds water and retains nutrients. Bark provides aeration and drainage, as does Perlite. Perlite is formed of volcanic rocks and is porous, so it holds water.

Propagation Composts & Seed Composts

Sinclair Propagation Growing Medium is good for ericaceous and non-ericaceous plants as seed compost and for rooting cuttings. The ideal propagation compost or seed compost will be friable, well drained and free from diseases and pests. Aggregates like perlite improve drainage and aeration while peat provides the nutrients for a transplant to develop roots and establish itself.

** Please note this will be supplied in a generic Sinclair bag. The product is however as specified above **

  • Peat-based seed compost with bark & perlite
  • Peat holds water and retains nutrients
  • Suitable for Ericaceous/Non-Ericaceous plants
  • Use for sowing seeds and rooting cuttings

Technical specifications

Bag size75lt
Nitrogen (N)60
Phosphorus (P)70
Potassium (K)120
Peat0-10mm 70%
Bark0-8mm 15%
Perlite1-3mm 15%

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