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DCM Vivisol Soil Improver 25kg

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Product information

Organic soil improver with a vegetable base and added bacterium for soil improvement after groundworks or when conditions are poor. DCM Vivisol increases uptake of nutrients through roots. Vegan friendly.

Uses for organic soil improver

DCM Vivisol can be used as a multi purpose soil improver compost for ornamental bedding plants, plant pots, fruit and vegetables or trees and shrubs. Organic soil improver will increase soil fertility and improve soil structure.

Dig into beds and borders at the end of the growing season in preparation for next spring. Dig into heavy and clay soils to 5-7cm depth. Organic soil improver can enrich light sandy soils, dig into the top soil.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • Organic soil improver
  • Vegetable based (Vegan friendly)
  • Added bacteria species
  • Increases uptake of nutrients through roots
  • Suitable for multi purpose use

Technical specifications

Bag size25kg
Vegetables10-15 kg/100m2
Fruit5-15 kg/100m2
Tree Nursery Field Cultivation5-15 kg/100m2 or 10-20g/Plant Hole of 10lt
Ornamental Plant Cultivation15-20 kg/100m2
Potting Soils1-2 kg/m3
Planting Trees and Ornamental Shrubs1-2 kg/m3 Dug Out Soil