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Calcium Chloride Soluble Fertiliser Flakes 25kg

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Product information

Calcium Chloride fertiliser is used in the garden & on lawns to increase calcium without changing the pH of soils. Suitable for use in fertigation (irrigation with fertilisers). Calcium Chloride can also be used in hydroponics. 25kg bag of soluble Calcium Chloride flakes.

Reasons to use a soluble calcium chloride fertiliser

Soluble Calcium Chloride flakes can be diluted in water and used to feed lawns and plants. Calcium provides nutrients that are useful for healthy growth and development. It aids photosynthesis and increases disease resistance. Calcium Chloride is proven to reduce the effects of drought stress.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • Calcium Chloride for use as fertiliser
  • Suitable for use in hydroponics
  • Increases disease and drought resistance
  • Aids photosynthesis
  • Can be used in fertigation

Technical specifications

Bag size25kg
Analysis0-0-0+28% Ca + 50% Cl
Contains77% CaCl2

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