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DCM Ecor 3 Organic Fertiliser 25kg

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Product information

Organic fertiliser for tree saplings, ornamental plants, herbs & vegetables. DCM Ecor 3 is suitable for lawn dressing in spring. High nitrogen boosts healthy growth (NPK: 12-0-3). More than 80% organic matter which helps retain water and release nutrients over longer periods (2-3 months).

Using DCM Ecor 3 organic fertiliser

Ecor 3 organic fertiliser is particularly useful for starting off young tree saplings and cuttings outdoors. Use 60-150g/m2 as a base dressing or 50-100g/m2 as a top dressing for trees. For berry fruit, use 100-150g/m2 as a base dressing and 70-120g/m2 as a top dressing and for vegetables apply 50-150g/m2. Use DCM Ecor 3 as an organic lawn dressing in spring at 40-60g/m2.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • Organic fertiliser that is ideal for young tree saplings and cuttings
  • Use as a spring lawn dressing
  • Suitable for berry fruit and vegetables
  • High nitrogen boosts growth (NPK: 12-0-3)
  • Also known as Ecor 3

Technical specifications

Bag size25kg
NPK12-0-3 +80% organic matter
Fruit and Small Berries Base10-15 kg/100m2
Fruit and Small Berries Top Dress7-12 kg/100m2
Vegetables5-15 kg/100m2
Tree Nursery and Ornamental Plant Cultivation Outdoor Base6-15 kg/100m2
Tree Nursery and Ornamental Plant Cultivation Outdoor Top Dressing5-10 kg/100m2
Potting Mixes Base2-4 kg/m3
Top Dressing Pots1-3 kg/m3
Lawn and Sports Turf4-6 kg/m2

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