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Melcourt Horticultural Silver Sand 20kg

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Product information

Horticultural silver sand for gardening use. Melcourt Horticultural Silver Sand is mixed into seed compost for seeds and cuttings in pots. Combine with Melcourt Topsoil (half and half mix) for use as a lawn dressing. Melcourt Horticultural Silver Sand is washed and has very fine 0-2mm sand particles. Suitable for vegans.

Horticultural silver sand is lime free sand, making it popular with gardeners, and useful to add into potting soil without affecting the pH.

Using Horticultural Silver Sand for seed composts

Add 1/3 Horticultural Silver Sand to 2/3 compost for a seed compost. Using silver sand in mix will increase the drainage in the pots, reduce damp, and improve seed germination. The seed compost mix can also be used for cuttings.

  • Horticultural silver sand for gardening
  • Mix into seed compost for sowing seeds or planting cuttings
  • Use a half & half silver sand & topsoil mix for lawn dressing
  • Very fine 0-2mm sand particles
  • Washed and ready for use

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